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I do still have that scarf! It was quite an investment and I lugged that WIP literally around the world for decades before finally acknowledging its awfulness on so many levels. I threw it away and now I am sorry. Caron Simply Soft yarn so I could crochet a scarf.

I finished it, and then a few years later, I learned how to knit, which is my preferred technique now. I still have that crocheted scarf, though.

It was a gorgeous, soft, springy gray merino wool. I made a lace cardigan of it. Still one of my favorites! A spruce green wool that became a sweater for our oldest son then 2 years old. I still have the sweater — just in case a grand child comes along! What a fun and generous give away! The original price tag was on the label 79 cents and there was a guarantee stating that the yarn was guaranteed for life and could be returned at any time for refund of purchase price! That stuff was made to last!!! Btw, being the frugal group we are, we used the yarn!


I had just started knitting. I bought a skein of Berroco Boboli because I loved the colors. I still have it, never wound haha! My First was wonderful Shetland yarn from an enormous selection in the store run by 2 comfy elderly ladies maybe in their 50s? Were there brands of yarn in ?

Produced a long-lost preppy-classic cardigan, with expert finishing for a price by those same lovely ladies, worn proudly with pleated skirts and knee socks through 4 long Vermont winters. It was to be given to our local nursing home. It took several attempts before realising that I needed to pass the yarn under the needle between a knit and a purl stitch; once I had it cracked though that was it, I was hooked! Travelling to visit a friend in the states at the start of October and wondering what my husbands face would look like I told him we needed to leave luggage space for all that beautiful yarn!

It was Bernat acrylic, in coral! I wanted to make a vest, and my aunt guided my little garter stitch hands.

I loved knitting so much that I knit all through my growing-up years, culminating in a knitted prom dress. No more Acrylic! I bought some varigated Lily cotton from my local craft store — a lovely white, pink, and turquoise number. Possibly the worst starter yarn for a new knitter attempting a hat in the round! Carol, what a beautiful idea!

I think I might raid my own stash for just such a noble purpose. Now, to wait for the inevitable knitting master to step forward to organize such a disbursement. You have to pay your dues, right? I knitted my first scarf with it.

I then attempted my first hat…you can only imagine how badly it turned out! Made a prayer shawl which I still have. Caron Super Soft, 15yrs ago. My first yarn was a thick and thin white bulky yarn of unknown brand possibly bernat or reynolds purchased in to make a long, over-sized v-neck pullover. I was in 7th grade, and I finished it! Thick and thin yarn was big that year. My mother made me one of those pullovers.


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I was eight. I crocheted a beret. Yellow Bernat worsted weight to make a baby sweater for my firstborn. Knowing nothing of gauge and that this should have been in sport weight it was like the snowsuit scene in The Christmas Story!

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Think it was a blue Bernat yarn but it was so long ago! But I have been bitten by the minimalist bug, and would love to follow your lead and give, rather than receive. KonMarists can you hear me? Any ideas besides my local thrift shop? Senior centers, nursing homes, houses of worship where some members knit for charity, local chapters of Project Linus, Warm Up America currently accepting donations for victims of Harvey , are some ideas which come to mind.

When I was in elementary school the nuns asked us to knit squares to be made into blankets and sent to the missions. I remember going to Woolworths and trying to decide which color to pick. I decided on the most beautiful…. I learned to knit during my junior year abroad in Israel.. Surely purchased it at WalMart and I probably made an afghan.

Definitely an acrylic for a vest — a vest?!

But my real knitting life began when I was a mother and i made blue cotton sweater for my then 7 year-old daughter. I can see it in my imagination, just not the yarn label, and the sweater is long gone. Red Heart Worsted.

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These are all good stories! Mine was a Lion brand chenille for a too-wide, too-stiff garter stitch scarf. I knit a long, very ugly scarf from it that thankfiully disappeared a few years later! Oh my goodness, it was 40 years ago! I am clueless. But I bought it with my grandmother for a knitting class at Sears.

A full range of patterns for all your knitting projects!

The whole of my early stash was made of this stuff, but it took me a while to get to dish cloths. I crocheted a lot of baby toys and even a baby blanket of this stuff. When I learned to knit, my mother thought I was nuts to use this to swatch. Now I mostly use it to make almost lost wash cloths by Julie Tarsha.

She still has them and wears them occasionally while walking outside on cold winter days. Thank you both for willing to part with some of your stash!